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ARK: Survival Evolved Xbox Download - How to Optimize Your Internet Connection and Storage

How Long Does It Take to Download Ark Survival Evolved on Xbox?

Ark Survival Evolved is a popular action-adventure game that lets you explore a vast open world filled with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. You can tame, breed, and ride these animals, as well as build bases, craft items, and survive in a harsh environment. You can also follow a story mode that reveals the secrets of the mysterious island you are stranded on, or play online with other players in various modes.

how long does it take to download ark survival evolved on xbox

If you are interested in playing Ark Survival Evolved on your Xbox console, you might be wondering how long it will take to download the game. The answer depends on several factors, such as the file size of the game, your internet speed, and whether you have the Xbox Series XS Optimized version or not. In this article, we will explain these factors in detail and give you some tips and tricks to speed up the download process.

Ark Survival Evolved Features

Open World Environment with Dinosaurs and Other Creatures

One of the main attractions of Ark Survival Evolved is its huge open world environment that spans across different biomes, such as jungles, deserts, mountains, caves, oceans, and even underground. You can explore this world on foot or by riding various dinosaurs and other creatures that you can tame and breed. There are over 80 different species of animals in the game, ranging from the familiar T-Rex and Triceratops to the exotic Wyvern and Griffin. You can also encounter mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns, as well as futuristic robots and aliens.

Base-Building, Crafting, and Survival Simulation

Another important aspect of Ark Survival Evolved is its base-building and crafting system. You can gather resources from the environment, such as wood, stone, metal, fiber, hide, and more, and use them to craft tools, weapons, armor, structures, vehicles, and other items. You can also build bases to store your items, protect yourself from enemies, and customize your living space. You can also farm crops, raise livestock, cook food, brew potions, make explosives, and more.

Apart from crafting and building, you also have to survive in a harsh environment that poses many threats. You have to manage your hunger, thirst, health, stamina, oxygen, temperature, torpor (unconsciousness), radiation (in some areas), and more. You also have to deal with natural hazards like weather changes (rain, snow, heat waves, etc.), natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.), diseases (plague, poison, etc.), and predators (wild animals, hostile humans, etc.). You can adjust the difficulty level and settings of the game to suit your preference.

Story, Visuals, and Multiplayer Modes

Arc Survival Evolved also has a story mode that reveals the secrets of the island you are stranded on. You can find notes and dossiers left by previous explorers that tell you about the history and lore of the island. You can also discover mysterious structures called obelisks that allow you to access boss arenas and fight powerful enemies. By defeating these bosses, you can unlock new items, abilities, and access to other maps. There are currently six official maps in the game, each with its own theme, creatures, and challenges. You can also download and play on custom maps made by the community.

Arc Survival Evolved also boasts impressive visuals and sound effects that immerse you in the game world. The game supports 4K resolution and HDR on Xbox One X and Xbox Series XS consoles, as well as enhanced graphics and performance options. The game also features a dynamic day-night cycle, realistic weather effects, and stunning lighting and shadows. The sound effects of the game are also realistic and varied, from the roars of dinosaurs to the crackling of fire.

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If you want to play Ark Survival Evolved with other players, you have several options to choose from. You can join official servers that host up to 70 players per map, or unofficial servers that have custom settings and mods. You can also host your own server or play locally with your friends on a split-screen mode. You can choose to play on PvE (player versus environment) servers, where you cooperate with other players against the environment, or PvP (player versus player) servers, where you compete with other players for resources and territory. You can also join or create tribes, which are groups of players that share resources, structures, and creatures.

Arc Survival Evolved Download Time

File Size and Internet Speed

The first factor that affects how long it takes to download Ark Survival Evolved on Xbox is the file size of the game. According to the Microsoft Store, the approximate size of the game is 111.93 GB for Xbox One consoles, and 129.97 GB for Xbox Series XS consoles. This means that the game is quite large and will take up a significant amount of storage space on your console.

The second factor that affects how long it takes to download Ark Survival Evolved on Xbox is your internet speed. The faster your internet connection is, the quicker you can download the game. To give you an idea of how long it will take to download the game based on your internet speed, here is a table that shows the estimated download time for different speeds:

Internet Speed Download Time --- --- 5 Mbps 50 hours 10 Mbps 25 hours 25 Mbps 10 hours 50 Mbps 5 hours 100 Mbps 2.5 hours 200 Mbps 1.25 hours Of course, these are only rough estimates and your actual download time may vary depending on other factors, such as network congestion, server availability, and background downloads. You can check your internet speed on your Xbox console by going to Settings > Network > Network Settings > Test Network Speed & Statistics.

Xbox Series XS Optimized Version

The third factor that affects how long it takes to download Ark Survival Evolved on Xbox is whether you have the Xbox Series XS Optimized version or not. The Xbox Series XS Optimized version is a special version of the game that takes advantage of the enhanced capabilities of the Xbox Series XS consoles, such as faster loading times, higher frame rates, and better graphics.

If you have an Xbox Series XS console, you can choose to download either the regular version or the optimized version of Ark Survival Evolved. The optimized version has a larger


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